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Do you have the passion to explore thrill of content universe?

If you believe you have that knack creativity, and the passion to get totally emerged in the content universe, don’t make any delay to join us. Be part of our internship program to witness the zenith of content magic. Moreover, you will get the memorable experience of working with the experienced content scientists here at Infigent Solutions.


Perks of the Internship

Join the super power

Infigent Solution is that super power of content universe, which can provide you the right planet of works for you, as per your love and talent. In short, we provide you the platform, scope, opportunity, resource, as well as the encouragement to get emerged with what you love. This makes the process of learning the most enjoyable.

The mistake lab

Infigent Solution provides live projects to the interns, which is very rare. No professionally renowned content lab of Infigent stature would dare to handle mistakes committed by the interns for a project. Not just that we make you a part of our creative research family; we correct your mistakes as well.

Learn the trucks of magic

There remains every possibility for a newbie to get baffled in the infinity and diversity of requirements in content universe. There are specified formats, style, approach, and optimisation technique, those are essential to impress a professional client. No school teaches this; except Infigent Solutions.

Get paid for being creative!

Being a brand name in the content universe, we often have to deal with bulk projects from clients of different types. To handle the challenge of meeting their expectations or providing them their customers of their desired planet, we feel the need of expansion of our team. Now needless is to say that first priority is given to those who impress us as interns.



Infigent Solutions is a certified and prestigious agency in the content arena. Internship certification from Infigent solution, a one of its kind creative house to be under start up India, thus can boost your profile of content scientist in a significant way.


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