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One of the most _____ events in the history of India was the attainment of its freedom.

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Religious leaders should not delve ______ politics

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The Indian magpie indulges ___ a long flight.

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India is committed ____ a policy of peaceful existence.

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Since the road was closed for repairs he took the

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There was no agreement ___ the great powers ___ a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

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My cousin has invested a lot of money ____ farming.

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He was able to _____ his small income by working in a hotel at night.

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Marie Curie was excited when she knew that she was on the _____ of a new discovery.

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He had already passed the examination.

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Choose the one which conveys the meaning of the sentence correctly.

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It is dangerous to enter ___ the enemy’s camp.

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Choose the one which conveys the meaning of the sentence correctly.

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There is a shift in our economy from a manufacturing to a service orientation. The increase in service sector will require the managers to work more with people rather than with objects and things from the assembly line.

This passage best supports the statements that

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Since the road was closed for repairs he took the _____________

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Any correction needed to the below sentence? if yes then what will be, If no then choose No improvement

Please give him medicines if his temperature will rise.

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Several of our players were injured, so our losing the match was almost _____

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Choose the one which conveys the meaning of the sentence

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Belying his mother’s worries, Mahesh’s behavior throughout the function was _______

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Any correction needed to the below sentence? if yes then what will be, If no then choose No improvement

Let’s have a party some time the next week.

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Industrial exhibitions play a major role in a country’s economy. Such exhibitions, now regularly held in Delhi, enable us to measure the extent of our own less advanced industrial progress and the mighty industrial power and progress of countries like the U.K., U.S.A. and Russia whose pavilions are the centres of the greatest attention and attractions.
The passage best supports the statement that the industrial exhibitions

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Choose the one which conveys the meaning of the sentence correctly.

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She learned Russian _________ the age of 45

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Any correction needed to the below sentence? if yes then what will be, If no then choose No improvement

May I know whom I am talking to?

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Choose the correctly spelt word?

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A good judge never gropes ____ the conclusion.

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Any correction needed to the below sentence? if yes then what will be, If no then choose No improvement
Can you tell me why did you not speak the truth?

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He played many games.

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Choose the correctly spelt word?

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We must keep ____ something for the rainy day.


It is high time to get your content audit done

The content audit is the foundation of content marketing

For a digital marketer, content audit acts as the very foundation which helps him to understand the exact message that must be delivered so that more online traffic can be generated. The content audit might seem overwhelming initially but actually, it is a reality check which helps a business to enhance the quality of the content. Before conducting the audit of the content, you need to get an insight into the step-by-step process which must be followed.

The content audit report that is ultimately derived at the end of the audit process can help you to design the unique content which can have a long-lasting impact on the target audience.

Why to conduct a content audit?

Content auditing must be done in order to capture any weakness in the Search Engine Optimization of a business. The checking will help you to understand what exactly you need to do so that your website’s search performance can be improved. The second major reason for carrying out the content audit is to examine the current status of the content marketing strategy. The systematic audit procedure will help you to get a detailed insight into critical components such as the visit metrics, the page length and the social shares that have a major implication on the way the audiences respond. The content marketing data that can be captured at the end of the content audit process can act as a key weapon in your hand which will give an edge to your business.

You can enjoy the following benefits by conducting a content audit:

  • Identification of ways to upgrade the organic search performance of the site
  • Highlight the past content marketing components that have performed well
  • Locate the existing gaps in the business content that have been provided at varying stages of the sales funnel
  • Recognize the website pages that need to be merged and consolidated due to the shared content
  • Develop ideas relating to the future content approach

Content audit 2018 is one of the primary things that a marketer must keep in mind in order to survive in the competitive market environment.

How to conduct a content audit?

Content audit process can be really time-consuming in nature but now that you understand the content audit definition, you must not feel intimidated by it. The main steps that can help you to sail through the audit process have been presented below:

  • Generate a spreadsheet which has details of the entire content asset of the business.
  • Collect the asset data carefully
  • Analyze the collected data thoroughly

The observations can help you to get an insight into the quality of your content. In order to take the audit process to the next level, you could also conduct the content audit of the competitor’s website in a similar fashion. This simple but systematic process shall not only enhance the quality of the content but it can boost business performance as well.

Video Content Marketing is the future

Video Marketing is the backbone of Content Marketing

A few decades ago, no one knew about content marketing. But today it is an indispensable marketing technique that is a necessity for the very survival of a business in the competitive era. In a short span of time, content marketing has brought about a revolutionary transition in the digital landscape. The type of content and the quality of content are some of the prime factors that need to be designed by keeping in mind their needs. Various kinds of contents are due to target customers such as infographics, blogs, videos, eBooks and many more unique types. The most promising type of content that has a bright future in the fast-paced era is the video content. Video content marketing is one of the few marketing techniques that promises to deliver the message of a business by taking into account what, how and when the customers really want.

Embracing video marketing is the need of the hour

Video marketing stands out in the content marketing arena for all the right reasons. Businesses need to embrace video marketing as it has a bright future. Some of the unique features that make it highly valuable and useful in the competitive marketing era have been highlighted below.

  • Video content is more attractive as compared to the text content and thus it has a long-lasting impression on the viewers.
  • The informative content enhances brand recall due to the involvement of visual and auditory features.
  • Video content can be accessed on most of the digital devices such as the smartphone, personal computers, tablets and laptops. Thus it can reach a large number of market audiences.   
  • It offers marketers to design engaging videos to reach the customers.
  • The content format of video marketing is versatile and engaging in nature which can empower a business to strengthen the brand message.
  • Video content stands out from the rest of the content due to its viral nature.

The future of video technology had never been better. This is evident from the pumped-up numbers of video marketing. According to 90 % of customers, the role of video content is extremely vital as it influences their ultimate purchasing decision.

Video Content – The fundamental content marketing approach

In the cut-throat competitive times, video marketing strategy is an indispensableelement that can help a business to survive and sustain in the market. Today video content has become extremely powerful because it is the format that people prefer intend to receive information. The marketing approach not only attracts the customers but also empowers businesses to share the intended message in the vast market. The importance of video marketing 2018 cannot be negated as it acts as an incredible approach to design personalized content and share it with the market audience. So if you want your business to sustain and be recognized, video marketing is the element that can come to your rescue.

TOP 3 Concerns of a Professional Content Writing Service Provider

The growth of the digital platform is enough to depict the reason behind contents being given higher emphasis. Any promotional strategy you pick over the web is simply nowhere without the contents. At the same time, it’s also a fact that just any content can’t fit the bill with any promotional strategy.

Quality has to be good; no doubt about that. But, the approach of the content should also be appropriate, following the right format, most importantly to set the right mood for business. This is the reason that emphasises on going with a professional content writing service provider, someone like Infigent Solution.

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Concern: Meeting the deadline with quality

Promotion is nowhere if it’s not viral. It should create the desired fuss. For the same to be accomplished, the most important thing that a concerned company looks for is the vibe to be created everywhere, at each platform.

The intention is clear; when someone looks for something about the concerned niche, then it should be your product. It means you need the promotional content production to be hastened. Also, each of the contents has to be unique and different from the other.

Infigent Solution’s answer:

Where others compromise on this matter in the name of quality, Infigent Solution can promise you. The company is the best content writing India services under the aegis of its gigantic team. Again, each member of the team is a damn professional having years of experience on the concerned niche with adequate qualification, with at least master’s degree and PhD.

It’s natural for them to show higher efficiency meeting the most upgraded standard. In concurrence, the company’s strategic approach is also one of the biggest reasons that they manage to deliver always in time. Here they set the schedule in monthly and yearly basis which removes the chances of any missing of the target.

Concern: Ensuring best value of money/return:

Payment is certainly a factor for any business. Talking about a right price for something like content writing is certainly a relative term. It depends upon the satisfaction level of the client according to the level of return eyed.

Infigent Solution’s answer:

Infigent Solution is the best content writing service provider on this matter. Here, the utmost complacency of the client is something that matters to them. This is the reason they come out with multiple packages fitting the best standard according to it. Where the quality is of highest standard always, the level of package you pick depend upon the word count or bulkiness of the project. In short, the full value of your money is guaranteed in each case.

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Optimisation Process/Quality:

As mentioned above, the prime concern behind looking for a content writing service provider is to ensure that the output meets the professional standard. It should be qualitatively the best, offering the creative tinge, and optimised with the desired format or mood according to the destination platform.

Infigent Solution’s answer:

On this context, Infigent Solution is always the best pick as it has two distinct teams of writers and the marketing/ SEO experts, both working with each other under the same roof in a coordinated way. Prior going for the write, the desired format, the intentions and the targeted audience are fixed. Once these are set, the writers prepare a sample, which is showcased to the client as well. Apart from this, each content is delivered only after thorough editing processes are performed.

Why Blogging Is Integral Part Of Modern Day Business?

Blogging by definition may sound to be having no relationship with business. But, once something manages to be attention driving is obvious to be called a commercial thing. Following the same rule, blogging, banking on its growing attention has certainly turned one of the best business things for promotional aspects.

It can be prolific in many ways for your business, the most important of which is no doubt driving traffic. On this context, here we mention the top reasons you should have a business blog for your company.

Fulfilling the basic aim of having a website for the business:

In a growing favour towards digital marketing, every business would obviously look to be having a compliant web presence. A site can be compliant only when it manages to drag sufficient traffic. Naturally, the biggest purpose of any website is to drag traffic. It means if blogging is important for business, then it should be able in driving adequate traffic for the site and the following ways prove it.

Higher scopes for the technicalities to be tried:

The biggest advantage of blogging that makes it worth traffic driving is because it provides adequate reasons for someone to go through it. First, a blog comes up with higher scopes for the tricky keywords strategies, SEOs, etc. to be applied than a mere product description that is quite boring.

Traffic/customers here are quite permanent:

Blogging holds the higher probabilities of customer retention or conversion through the strategies like email subscription, social media following, etc. Once an audience loved the way you prepared a blog for your product or something related to it, he/she would always love to get notified through email subscription, social media messages, etc. The ease at which the above steps are accomplished is certainly a way lot difficult in any other way.

It’s raining ad opportunities here:

Blogging is always open about infinite advertising. There are many ways available through which an ad can be blended with a blog. Those like PPC, PPM campaigners have made things easy. In concurrence, the paid advertising concepts have been extremely encouraging. Once the demand for your products starts gripping the market, you will enjoy more playing with the above strategies. These ads also bring a pretty good number of crowds with it. Above all, your blog finds one of the finest ways of earning.

Hub for the organic traffic:

Everyone knows how important it is for a website to enjoy organic traffic. No surprise the conversion rate is much higher for the organic traffic than the other manipulated ways. There is no better way of driving organic traffic than the blogging. More the number of blogs you prepare or your website, more time the concerned page gets indexed generating an additional reason to appear for Google search, more importantly as organic traffic.

Reduces work:

A blog reduces your woos of finding promotional content. The best example in this regard would be the social media. You don’t need to hire someone special to prepare stuff for your social media. Catchy blog content is always one of the most favourable options people love to go through over social media. In fact, social media these days have become the most favourable ways for people to come across with hyped news or anything of their interest.

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