The content audit is the foundation of content marketing

For a digital marketer, content audit acts as the very foundation which helps him to understand the exact message that must be delivered so that more online traffic can be generated. The content audit might seem overwhelming initially but actually, it is a reality check which helps a business to enhance the quality of the content. Before conducting the audit of the content, you need to get an insight into the step-by-step process which must be followed.

The content audit report that is ultimately derived at the end of the audit process can help you to design the unique content which can have a long-lasting impact on the target audience.

Why to conduct a content audit?

Content auditing must be done in order to capture any weakness in the Search Engine Optimization of a business. The checking will help you to understand what exactly you need to do so that your website’s search performance can be improved. The second major reason for carrying out the content audit is to examine the current status of the content marketing strategy. The systematic audit procedure will help you to get a detailed insight into critical components such as the visit metrics, the page length and the social shares that have a major implication on the way the audiences respond. The content marketing data that can be captured at the end of the content audit process can act as a key weapon in your hand which will give an edge to your business.

You can enjoy the following benefits by conducting a content audit:

  • Identification of ways to upgrade the organic search performance of the site
  • Highlight the past content marketing components that have performed well
  • Locate the existing gaps in the business content that have been provided at varying stages of the sales funnel
  • Recognize the website pages that need to be merged and consolidated due to the shared content
  • Develop ideas relating to the future content approach

Content audit 2018 is one of the primary things that a marketer must keep in mind in order to survive in the competitive market environment.

How to conduct a content audit?

Content audit process can be really time-consuming in nature but now that you understand the content audit definition, you must not feel intimidated by it. The main steps that can help you to sail through the audit process have been presented below:

  • Generate a spreadsheet which has details of the entire content asset of the business.
  • Collect the asset data carefully
  • Analyze the collected data thoroughly

The observations can help you to get an insight into the quality of your content. In order to take the audit process to the next level, you could also conduct the content audit of the competitor’s website in a similar fashion. This simple but systematic process shall not only enhance the quality of the content but it can boost business performance as well.

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